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Chengdu's 3rd Unicorn Emerged in 2018
Yema Auto's Chengdu Plant Basically Finished its Technical Upgrade and Renovation
2018 International Architecture and Planning Design Competition Commenced
Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sharing Hosted at Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week
"The Belt and Road Women's Creation" Female Entrepreneurs Go Global, Worldwide Experience of Bashu Tea Held in Chengdu
Final of the Jinniu District 2018 Employment and Start-Up Competition Took Place
Enter Tongji University Campaign of the 2018 Chengdu "Out-Of-Towner" Talent Assembly Campaign Held
About 5000 New Enterprises Set up in Tianfu New Area Pilot Free Trade Zone
The 2018 "Chengdu Drifter'Talent Gathering" Young Talents Job Fair
Sichuan's First Air Lease Project Launched in Shuangliu Free Trade Zone
RMB 10.97 Billion Worth of Contract Signed on Xindu International Rail Transit Industry Summit
Final of the 1st "Maker Tianfu" Innovation and Start-up Competition Held Yesterday
2018 China New Economic Vitality Index Released, Chengdu Leads New Tier-One Cities
2018 Disruptive Innovation List Press Conference Took Place in Chengdu
World's Largest Cadmium Telluride Power Generating Glass is "Made in Chengdu"
Chengdu-Hong Kong Youth Start-Up Training Camp to Start on October 11th
China's First Hydrogen Station Equipment with Independently Developed Key Technology Debuts in Chengdu
China Announces 36 National Archaeological Parks
Happy Start-Up in Tianfu Event Hosted in Chengdu
The 1st Sichuan Start-Up Exhibition to Take Place in Chengdu
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